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The Media Coach Radio Show

Mar 28, 2024

A very Happy Easter; Advice from Armando; The Author’s Talkthrough; Happy Birthday 5 Live; Nike oops; Bunny, bunny, bunny; As smooth as chocolate; Speak their language; An interview with, and music from, Marty Wilde

Mar 21, 2024

Tony Hadley swings; Spain and Colombia in London; A tribute to Steve Harley; Too many eggs; Getting from here to there; Be a go-to media guest; How to be engaged; An interview with David Hyner; Music from Emily Wolfe

Mar 14, 2024

Well done to Apple; Some time in a volcano; A tribute to Vince Power; A badly edited photo; The practice of practice; What is News?; It’s got your name on it; An Interview with, and music from, Tally Spear

Mar 7, 2024

International Women’s Day; A family story; Stormy Weather; A controversial syrup tin; How to have stage presence; Deliver a powerful interview; Work with your superfans; An Interview with, and music from, Carrie Martin