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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jan 25, 2018

The Presidents Club; A 200 year anniversary; Jimmy Armfield; Facebook; Ten things professional speakers do (part 2); Des Wilson says..; I’m here and I’m human; An interview with Steve Bustin; Music from The Dustbowl Revival

Jan 18, 2018

A storm or not; Virtual global speaking; Emily Maitless; President Trump; 10 things professional speakers do (part 1); But they’ll make me look silly!; Get operatic on Facebook; An interview with Julie Holmes; Music from Mick Terry

Jan 11, 2018

Fire and Fury; H&M get it wrong; Philip Eden; Stephen Miller; Could you come up on stage please?; Go the distance; Get more engaged in 2018; An interview with Brian Barnes; Music from Rob Corcoran

Jan 4, 2018

Happy New Year; My predictions for the speaking profession; Helen Dunmore; Simon Dudley; Pulling the trigger; Be nice; Quality not quantity; An interview with Joe Wicks; Music from the Dustbowl Revival