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The Media Coach Radio Show

Feb 24, 2022

Ukraine; Driving through storms; Gary Brooker; The Queen is well; Moving the chairs; Being media-ready; Communicating like a band; An interview with Tristan Gooley; Music from When Rivers Meet

Feb 17, 2022

Polar Bear tales; Valentines Day; Farewell PJ; I’m in the painting; Do you know what you’re talking about?; Any minute now we’ll see the plane; Three and out; An interview with and music from, Tom Cridland

Feb 10, 2022

A polar bear again; Belfast the movie; Irn Bru pies; A dress code from yesteryear; Three wise speakers; Play your cards right; Building an audience for your Blog; An interview with and music from, Chris Amoo

Feb 3, 2022

Spotify comings and goings; Raith Rovers; An unusual library book; A fake Churchill; Don’t peak too late; Mind your Media Manners; Don’t rant!; An interview with, and music from, Blair Dunlop