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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jul 30, 2015

A few days in New York City; An invitation to appear on this show; Young and Strange; Walter Palmer and the lion; Thesis and Antithesis; Controlling the Message; Meetup to Tweetup; An interview with Doug Stevenson; Music from the Dust Bowl Revival.

Jul 23, 2015

Two thousand speakers in Washington; Speaking across the Atlantic; Taylor Swift; Bill Cosby; Gladstone’s Rules; Poorly-trained Interviewers; Become a specialist; An interview with Carolyn Strauss; Music from Ashton Lane

Jul 17, 2015

National Speakers Association Convention; The Newseum; Mhairi Black; Finley Quaye; Go beyond the finish; Plan for a long media career; Repurposing your content; An interview with Jolene Jang; Music from Jim Boggia

Jul 9, 2015

Sport and News; Speakers gather in Washington; Drones and Crop Circles; A Russian Straight Flag; Are you Interesting?; Seven ways to ruin a media release; Four ways to benefit from blogging; An interview with Craig Price; Music from Lee Robert

Jul 2, 2015

Happy Independence Day; A message in a bottle; Val Doonican; Kanye West; can you do five minutes?; How Dare you!; Don’t worry, be happy; An interview with Paul Cook; Music from Robbie Boyd