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The Media Coach Radio Show

Aug 31, 2023

Still looking for guests; A walk in Norfolk; Lunch in Paris; Adele stands up; The worst show on TV?; Deliver it, change it, deliver it; Say it, say it again and again; Listen up; An interview with Rebecca Hill; Music from When Rivers Meet

Aug 24, 2023

Looking for guests; Well done the metric milers; A shirt for Mary; No fat bottoms please; Toughen it up; What does this mean for viewers?: Fairly short and thin it out; An interview with Mike Paul-Smith; Music from Down for the Count

Aug 17, 2023

Come on you Lionesses; Folk in the Park; Michael Parkinson remembered; Alexa oops; Use the Powerpoint; Seven things not to say to a reporter; Think Different; An interview with Brian Walter; Music from Jessica Lee Morgan

Aug 10, 2023

Football returns; A date for your diary; Speaker coaching; A tribute to Robbie Robertson; Don’t steal my book; Classical Rhetoric; How to behave on TV; What do you like?; An interview with and music from Mike Armstrong

Aug 3, 2023

Avoiding the pins; Back on London’s streets; Any chance of a free cakes?; I could never be a speaker; I’m from the Sunday Times; Don’t worry be happy; An interview with Suzanne Doyle-Ingram; Music from When Rivers Meet