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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jan 28, 2021

Learning in Lockdown; Some online courses; Sir Antony Gormley; Check your background; 5 Essential elements of a great speech; One great point; You’re Dunbarred: An interview with Lesley-Ann Coles; Music from Jim Chorley

Jan 21, 2021

The difference a day makes; Exceptional Speaking; A young laureate; QAnon let down; Writing for someone else; The edit point and the sound bite; Plough your own furrow; An interview with Professor David Crystal; Music from Geoff Gibbons

Jan 14, 2021

More unprecedented news; Clubhouse; My Coaching programme; Sea Shanties; The Royal Mint; As Churchill put it; What do reporters want?: The Streisand effect; An interview with Pete Weissman; Music from The Lost Hollow Band

Jan 7, 2021

Events in the USA; A new coaching course; Mitch McConnell; Don’t forget your trousers; Get in the Zoom zone; Are you credible?: Elmore’s rules; An interview with Jacqui Taylor; Music from the Lost Hollow Band