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The Media Coach Radio Show

Dec 17, 2015

Tim Peake; Chris Christie; ‘Tis the season; In the few seconds we have left; Give away your knowledge, sell your expertise; An interview with, and music from, Ellie Rose.

Dec 10, 2015

Floods in Cumbria; Donald Trump; Personal stories; Nicholas Smith; Tyson Fury; Prepare, Prepare, Prepare; Always move forward, never back; It’s all in the delivery; An interview with Dale Irvin; Music from David Knopfler

Dec 4, 2015

Three top professionals; The Syria debate; 1 to 1 coaching; Hilary Benn; David Cameron; The Murray Method; Play your cards right; I’ve started so I’ll finish; An interview with Ravi Tangri; Music from Rob Corcoran