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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jan 28, 2016

A special birthday; Donald Trump again; Sir Michael Caine; Sand in the wind; Five essential elements of a great speech; What will an interviewer ask me?; Act like a tabloid editor; An interview with Karl Mecklenburg; Music from Jinder.

Jan 21, 2016

London Lumiere; Dead already; Don Henley; Dogs chasing sticks - or not; How to prepare an ad-lib speech; News and Not-News; Challenge but justify; An interview with Tony Hawks; Music from the Lost Hollow Band

Jan 14, 2016

A David Bowie story; Alan Rickman; Kenny Harris remembered; Donald Trump; Seven ways to make a conference amazing; Five ways to ruin your PR material; What are social networks good for?;  An interview with Paul du Toit; Music from Jim Boggia

Jan 7, 2016

2016 under way; The return of video; Jack Sock, Chris Gayle; Failsafe facilitation; Twelve media don’ts; We’re all publishers now;  An interview with Lesley Everett; Music from Slim Chance

Jan 1, 2016

A very Happy New Year; One personal coaching place left;  MediaMaster and MediaMug of 2015; Speak better - carry a notebook; Get yourself out there!; Play, don’t worry; An interview with Vinny Verelli; Music from Out of the Rain