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The Media Coach Radio Show

Feb 25, 2021

A haircut awaits; The new Exceptional Speaker; Jo Whiley; Fake letters to MPs; Am I funny enough?; No comment is a comment; Stand out from the crowd; An interview with Ross Kimbarovsky; Music from Jim Chorley

Feb 18, 2021

Why music matters; Travel longing; A new coaching programme; Getting the word out about vaccines; Welsh problems; Hands across the world; The practice of practice; Jazz up your Twitter; An interview with and music from, Christian Collister

Feb 11, 2021

An impeachment; A jab; A resignation; Jackie Weaver; Bye bye Mandalorian; You’re not the hero; Don’t get battered; the Aussie Open guide to social media debates; An interview with, and music from, Paul Brett

Feb 4, 2021

Farewell Sir Tom; Masterclasses soon; Golf on the moon; An Olympic howler; Perfect Timing; 24 hour news people; Give away knowledge, sell expertise; An interview with Mike Rayburn; Music from Pauline Alexander