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The Media Coach Radio Show

Sep 26, 2013

More political speechmaking; Football howlers; More 007; Asda goes mad; A lucky bag of speaking tips; Don’t Crick up your interview; Are you sure that’s a good idea?; An interview with Carolyn Strauss; Music from Jim Boggia

Sep 19, 2013

Party Conferences; Form and function; A twerk hoax; Where’s my iPad?; Please give it up for; In the TV studio; Don’t gamble on a social media expert; An interview with Robin Speculand; Music from The Good Suns

Sep 12, 2013

An exceptional week; Video in Florida; Radio in London; Nigel Kennedy; A dog not a lion; One two three; A sound bite in time; Change your thinking; An interview with Diane DiResta; Music from Ayd Instone

Sep 5, 2013

Back to school; The Exceptional Speaker; David Jacobs; David Frost; John McCain plays poker; Think like your audience; Ten tips for writing articles; Twitter rocks!; An interview with Susan Luke; Music from Jennifer Haase