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The Media Coach Radio Show

Sep 29, 2022

A marathon record; Global Speakers Summit; Speaker Coaching; Chris Kamara; The wrong tweet; What should I speak about?; The seven deadly sins of media; Go the distance; An interview with, and music from Bison Hip

Sep 22, 2022

Global Speakers Summit; Speaker Coaching; Eddie Butler; A mic is always on; Go beyond the finish; Don’t make a song and dance of it; Don’t be a social media snob; An interview with Zach Lupetin; Music from The Dustbowl Revival

Sep 15, 2022

Operation London Bridge; A literary relative; Speaker Coaching; King Charles III; Center Parcs; Speaking Ceremonially; Showing Respect; Picture Permissions; An interview with, and music from, Michael Armstrong

Sep 1, 2022

Folk in the Park; Same slides everywhere; Bill Turnbull; High Sticker Price; Disraeli Gears; Bait your Hook; Only Fools and Horses; An interview with Tristan Gooley; Music from Rob Corcoran and the Necessary Evils