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The Media Coach Radio Show

Feb 27, 2014

Tabloids on trial; The Toscars; A flamenco legend; Adidas and the wrong T-shirts; Ten tips for perfect pitching; How to deliver a powerful interview; The fine art of social notworking; An interview with Mikki Williams; Music from Ainsley Diaz Stevens

Feb 21, 2014

The BAFTAs; Glow in the dark reindeer; Russian punk police; Dame Helen Mirren; Two French Chefs; The Intro and the Outro; Five ways to get noticed by broadcasters; Elmore’s rules; An interview with Pickevent founder, Jose Bort; Music from Nugent & Belle

Feb 13, 2014

Sunshine and Floods; A great story from Sochi; Sid Caesar; Sam Rubin; Toughen up your speech; Please release me; I’m on the train; An interview with the co-founder of the UK Blog Awards, Becki Cross; Music from Klara Kjellen

Feb 6, 2014

Winter Olympics; David Vine; Twitter lunacy; Phillip Seymour Hoffman; Mamoru Samuragochi; To thine own self be true; Who are they going to call; Don’t market to online communities; An interview with Jennifer Kahnweiler; Music from Geoff Gibbons