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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jun 29, 2023

Baseball in London; The end of an era for me; Facebook doesn’t like tribute acts; English and Welsh cricket in the dock; Being fully present; How to take criticism; Soft and Hard interviews; An interview with and music from Shaneeka Simon

Jun 22, 2023

Who is the real Alan Partridge?; Daisy Jones or not?; Fiennes or Southgate”; Lineker in a mess; You’re on in five minutes; Be in the moment; Vacant or Engaged?; An interview with Dr Sue Mitchell; Music from Chris While and Julie Matthews

Jun 15, 2023

Off on me hols; A new couple for Strictly?; A football commentator with integrity; A reporter gets confused; It’s not what you have it’s what they need; Time is money; Recommend, Refer, Promote; An interview with, and music from, The Korgis

Jun 8, 2023

How was Burna Boy?; Well done the Irons;A tribute to Tony McPhee; Golf hypocrisy; Who’s in charge here?; How to behave on air; Be how you are; An interview with Lesley-Ann Jones and music from Jim Boggia

Jun 1, 2023

A rugby final with speakers; A bit of AI (or not); Benny and Bjorn say no; Ten ways to avoid a standing ovation; Real news and Non-news; Cut it out; ITV in a mess; An interview with and music from, Tommy Stinson