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The Media Coach Radio Show

Aug 27, 2015

Bolt versus Gatlin versus BBC; A journalistic tragedy; Benedict’s Hamlet; No carpet eating; My seven rules of quotations; Play nicely; Three Twitter Tools; An interview with Jenn Lim; Music from Henrik

Aug 20, 2015

No more silly season; Exceptional Speaker Masterclasses; A great networking deal; Banksy’s new exhibit; No boats on the pond; A speaker from the block; Head to Head; You don’t have to stay friends; An interview with Gilda Bonanno; Music from Mick Terry

Aug 13, 2015

Proud Dad moment; Exceptional Speaker Masterclasses; TV Anchor John Brown; DJ Alex Dyke; I’ve started so I’ll finish; Seven ways to get international publicity; I thought you’d never ask; An interview with Dr Lynda Shaw; Music from Robbie Boyd

Aug 6, 2015

Test Match very Special; Any musicians around?; Jon Stewart; Cilla Black, Noel Edmonds; You can’t make several big points; Hi, I’m from the Sunday Times; William Morris and Social Media; An interview with Rory Cellan-Jones; Music from The Dust Bowl Revival