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The Media Coach Radio Show

Mar 29, 2018

Tearful tampering; Russia says nyet; Pop-ups around town; Darian Lipscomb; Sean Penn writes badly; Too much rabbit; As smooth as chocolate; A video selection box; A interview with Lance Forman; Music from Russ Ballard

Mar 22, 2018

Facebook under the spotlight; A wonderful video; Katie Boyle; Boris Johnson; Working with Interpreters; No comment. No hope; I’m not Roger Federer; An interview with Jenn Lim; Music from David Knopfler

Mar 15, 2018

Professor Stephen Hawking; Sir Ken Dodd; Jim Bowen; President Trump; Search for the hero inside yourself; Three keys to media success; Life in the (fast) Company lane; An interview with, and music from, Clare Sands

Mar 8, 2018

Weather or not; Online courses coming soon; Oscar time; Boozy Coca Cola; Recency and Relevancy; Appearance no-nos; Brand yourself from the start; An interview with Gered Mankowitz; Music from Son of Town Hall

Mar 1, 2018

The Beast from the East; Virtual Speaking; Indoor Athletes; Lewis Gilbert; The back of your hand; Incremental Improvements; Are you a team player?; Go the distance; An interview with, and music from, Rob Corcoran