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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jun 25, 2015

Kenny Harris remembered; Barack Obama heckled; Ben Affleck; I could never be a Speaker; Making your own Videos; The Social Media Marathon; An interview with Kenny Harris; Music from Emily Barden

Jun 18, 2015

It’s tough on stage; Would you eat a dausage?; Peter Firmin; Doom Bar or not?; One Two Three; Keep your mileage high; Serve and Volley; An interview with Adam Shaw; Music from the 1957 Tail-fin Fiasco

Jun 11, 2015

20 steps is back!; Who owns the Sun?; Joachim de Posada; Sir Tim Hunt; Why Speakers need a Bra; What is News?; Share and Share Alike; An interview with Andy Murray (no, not that one); Music from Nugent and Belle.

Jun 4, 2015

Sepp Blatter resigns - did the sponsors push him?; Charles Kennedy; Eddie McGuire; On the button; Picking the right messenger; Show and Tell; An interview with John Richardson of the Coffee Boys; Music from Robbie Boyd