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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jan 26, 2023

Soul Night; The Dark Side of Camden; Speaker Coaching; A TikTok nurse; Amazon toilet breaks; Send in the 7 year olds; The media ambush; Medium or message?An interview with Chris Amoo; Music from The Real Thing

Jan 19, 2023

Ageism or not?; ChatGPT; Speaker Coaching; Jacinda Ardern; Jeremy Hunt; Take tips from tennis; Play your cards right; Robby the Robot goes networking; An interview with Paul Smith of JHS; Music from Daphne’s Flight

Jan 12, 2023

The Prince’s book; Loyal footie fans; Jeff Beck; A tweet too far; Step away from the screen; 5 hours prep, five minutes on air; What colour is your sale sign?: An interview with Ella Hibbert; Music from Rob Corcoran

Jan 5, 2023

Happy New Year; The Hardy Tree; Speaker Coaching; The first spaceman on TV; Cristiano forgets; Finish big!; No sleep for the media; And which one is you?; An interview with Fay Weldon; Music from When Rivers Meet

Dec 22, 2022

Meeting people; Look after yourself; Reman Ahmed; Jeremy Clarkson; Three speaking myths; All I want for Christmas; Conning with social media; Interviews with and music from Chris Amoo and Robby Johnson