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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jul 22, 2021

Pingdemic; Speaker coaching; HMV; No shorts please; Stay in the spotlight; going local (not in Acapulco); A first class you or a second class someone else”;An interview with Robin Speculand; Music from Simon Stanley Ward.

Jul 15, 2021

A sad aftermath; Speaker coaching; Emma Hayes; An embarrassed racoon; Which means that; Attenborough magic; Mind your manners; An interview with Jeff Hahn; Music from Rob Corcoran and the Necessary Evils

Jul 8, 2021

An association football match; A small appeal; Neil Diamond; Amazon gets fishy; How credible are you?; When you have nothing to say; Do you take your own social media advice?; An interview with, and music from, Ray Mussel and Aaron Pritchett

Jul 1, 2021

A summer of sport; Who is richest on Insta?; Stephen Nolan; A mistake by Tim Berners-Lee; 8 ways to stay on time; Making your point on a panel; The X factor; An interview with, and music from, Michael Armstrong

Jun 24, 2021

It’s Midsummer!; a great museum; A third eye; An angry reporter; The red thread; Pre-recorded interviews; Do more with less; An interview with Tim Drake; Music from When Rivers Meet