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The Media Coach Radio Show

Mar 30, 2023

Sorry about Mozart; Quentin Tarantino’s book; A climate pioneer; Steel the sweat; Do you give the same speech?; Joining us online; Being there;  An interview with Penny Mallory; Music from Slim Chance

Mar 23, 2023

Boris’s excuses; A storm on a distant planet; Mozart’s hair; A loyalty tattoo; But what do you think?; Make yourself media-ready; Be like Simon Cowell; An interview with, and music from Leni

Mar 16, 2023

An Irish Goodbye; The end of the Lineker Affair; The Wild Isles; Is it a chicken wing or not?; Attenborough’s magic; Conference Speaking; Original, relevant, there; An interview with Greg Williams; Music from Rob Corcoran

Mar 9, 2023

Gary Lineker’s tweets; Too tall for me; All quiet for the Oscars; Kissing the phone; My friend Mic; Five ways to get media attention; Write, think, edit, think, post; An interview with and music from Jim Moreton

Mar 2, 2023

Matt Hancock’s messages; Farewell Dermot; Farewell Betty; What would Dilbert say?; Just say a few words; How to tell the truth; Same here, Same there; An interview with and music from Allan Clarke