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The Media Coach Radio Show

Nov 25, 2021

Boris is confused; The Celebrities are back; Peter Jackson gets back; Matt Doran forgets; What makes a speech vulnerable”; Bridge over troubled water; That was years ago!; An interview with David Berkeley; Music from Son of Town Hall

Nov 18, 2021

Join me in Dublin next year; Exceptional Speaking; Silent dancing; Collecting chips; A speaking hat-trick; Do your research; Keep it real; An interview with, and music from, Russ Ballard

Nov 11, 2021

Remembrance Day; Exceptional Speaker Academy; Wilson the Volleyball; Dog TV; Script, cue cards or memory?; Life’s a pitch; Going green on social media; An interview with, and music from, Marty Kristian and Arlene

Nov 4, 2021

Christmas Adverts; Speaker Academy; Dame Jane Goodall; Shell needs oil; Off the cuff; Keep it fresh; Three social media myths; An interview with, and music from Jarod Lawley