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The Media Coach Radio Show

Mar 31, 2016

No April Fools; Donald Trump U-turns; Ronnie Corbett; Who are you texting?; Own the stage; What does it mean for viewers?; Social Media addiction; An interview with Phillip Khan-Panni; Music from Mick Terry

Mar 17, 2016

The Exceptional Speaker Masterclass; Politics is back; Barack Obama; Top Gear; Start as you mean to go on; Four Media Myths; Write a letter to a friend; An interview with Paul du Toit; Music from the 1957 Tail-fin fiasco

Mar 10, 2016

Maria Shrapova; A break from politics; George Martin; Swimming in Hong Kong; Mind your language; The ten people you meet in the media; I beg to differ; A interview with Shaz Nawaz; Music from the Lost Hollow Band

Mar 3, 2016

Back in the UK; Exceptional Speaking; Oscar hangover; Tony Warren; Chris Christie; And who was it said?; Return every call from a reporter; Why social media is like archery; An interview with Lou Heckler; Music from Ainsley Diaz Stevens