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The Media Coach Radio Show

Feb 22, 2018

More slipping and sliding; Indoor Athletics; Life on air; Not that haircut; Playing as a team; What was I saying: Blogs and PR; An interview with Richard Hagen; Music from The Lost Hollow Band

Feb 15, 2018

Winter Olympics; Letters to the Editor; Vic Damone; Apple rings; What’s the big idea?; Seven Media Deadly Sins; Watch the Trends; An interview with, and music from, Mary Coughlan

Feb 8, 2018

The Winter Olympics; Not my Kit Kat; UK and Eurovision; A naughty elf; Send in the seven year olds; Live on air; How to drive away Facebook visitors; An interview with Julian Treasure; Music from Geoff Gibbons

Feb 1, 2018

State of the Union; Mary Shelley Futurist; Death in Paradise; Fish Fingers; Ad-Libbing; Knowing your facts; Five messaging tips; An interview with Ben Parker; Music from Son of Town Hall