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The Media Coach Radio Show

Nov 24, 2016

Black Friday; A Welshman who wasn’t there; Storytelling Masterclass; Barack Obama; Chasing Pavements; Make it Personal; Should you accept interview requests?; How to stop people following you; An interview with Bob Mills; Music from Lisbee Stainton

Nov 17, 2016

A storytelling masterclass; Leonard Cohen; Danny Baker; A new name for coffee?; Instead of the handout; Know where you are going; What should I do on Twitter?; An interview with Vinny Verelli; Music from Ellie Rose

Nov 10, 2016

That advert; Trumped up; Armistice Day; Sir Jimmy Young; Painting the Post; Whose line is it anyway?; The Media Ambush; Don’t outsource your voice; An interview with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown; Music from Simon Stanley Ward

Nov 3, 2016

Brexit on hold; US Election nearly done; WiFi in the sky; Bono is a woman; Let’s work together; On-air brevity, On-line detail; A tweet is a headline; Interviews with Rob Corcoran and Kelly McRae; Music from Kelley McRae