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The Media Coach Radio Show

Nov 30, 2017

Panic in Oxford Street; Group Coaching for speakers; Theresa May; President Trump; Can you hear me at the back?; Handling a pre-recorded interview; How do you do everything?; An interview with Steve Bingham; Music from Slim Chance

Nov 23, 2017

Relaxing in Bristol; A coaching offer; Mindless budget and Virgin; A new Little Miss; Naughty Top Guns; The Intro and the Outro; How long have I got?; Digging deep in Twitter; An interview with Lance Forman; Music from The Lost Hollow Band

Nov 16, 2017

Coffee in Birmingham; A new programme for professional speakers; The voice of sport; A YouTuber embarrassed; A long speaking career; Keep egg off your face; How to be a social media magnet; An interview with Jackie Barrie; Music from Judy Dyble and Andy Lewis

Nov 9, 2017

Words matter; The Private Eye test; Sia outwits a crook; Boris Johnson; Being there virtually; Two habits of highly effective media spokespeople; Go narrow, go deep; An interview with Elise Quevedo ; Music from the 1957 Tail Fin Fiasco

Nov 2, 2017

Words of the year; Bad Behaviour; Anna Wintour; Wrong kind of signal; Stay in the spotlight; On the panel tonight; Three ways to damage your brand online; An interview with Jeremy Nicholas; Music from Rob Corcoran