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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jan 31, 2019

It’s snow joke; The one with the mobile phone; Burger King v Big Mac; Ariana Grande; Antithesis; Who are you to say that?; The four great pretenders; An interview with Tristan Gooley; Music from Robbie Boyd

Jan 24, 2019

Up for Burns Night; The joy of a long train journey; I bless the rains; 50 years after the moon landings - or not; This time it’s personal; The Joy of phone-ins; Do one thing really well; An interview with Rita Rudner; Music from Jim Boggia

Jan 17, 2019

Not much politics; The Modern Prometheus; Aphrodisiac crisps; A huge mis-steak; Emulate the speaking greats; Get the timing right; Two-screening it; An interview with Kayla Conley; Music from Mick Terry

Jan 10, 2019

Politics or not; Film awards season; The most tweeted tweet; A dreadful pantomime; Perform like a pro; Becoming a go-to spokesperson; Work with your superfans; An interview with, and music from, Mick Terry

Jan 3, 2019

Happy New Year!; Greggs goes vegan; Starbucks goes strange; Lest we forget; You don’t have to be big to be seen; get more engagement; An interview with Walter Bond; Music from Mary Hopkin