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The Media Coach Radio Show

Dec 28, 2017

Answers to the difficult quiz; MediaMaestro and MediaMug of the Year; Script, Cards or Memory; Update your media plan; Say thanks; An interview with Lou Heckler; Music from Jessie Furay Lynch

Dec 21, 2017

Have a wonderful Christmas; A music quiz; Sarah Millican; Here we go again; Ho Ho Ho!; All I want for Christmas; Be a social media Santa; Music from Russ Ballard and Robbie Boyd

Dec 14, 2017

A present for you; Your suggestions?; BBC SPOTY; A hopeless spokesman; Tell them your story, not someone else’s; Life’s a Pitch; Don’t throw fuel on the fire; An interview with, and music from, The Mona Lisa Twins

Dec 7, 2017

Politics goes on; So does Brexit; Upgrading; Tech Happy Hour, Time Magazine; David Davis; Five elements of a strong speech; Prepare your media ad-libs; George Orwell's rules of Blogging; An interview with and music from, Lucinda Sieger

Nov 30, 2017

Panic in Oxford Street; Group Coaching for speakers; Theresa May; President Trump; Can you hear me at the back?; Handling a pre-recorded interview; How do you do everything?; An interview with Steve Bingham; Music from Slim Chance