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The Media Coach Radio Show

Mar 26, 2020

Stay safe and well; Stoned sheep; Clap for carers; Singed vicar; Study rhetoric; Oops - did something go wrong; Providing value online; an interview with Christian Bucholz; Music from Mick Wilson

Mar 19, 2020

The world has changed; Remote Speaking on Facebook; Violins and Loo rolls; Cats but no cream; In media res; On the phone, on air; Play don’t worry; An interview with Jeremy Nicholas; Music from Rob Corcoran

Mar 12, 2020

One game in town; A remote speaking group; Max von Sydow; Don’t lick your fingers; Keeping the focus on you; The truth and nothing but; Avoiding social media addiction; An interview with Vanessa Ugatti; Music from The Lost Hollow Band

Mar 5, 2020

A musical industry icon; Remote Speaking tips; Spitting Image; Don’t lick it; Is this mic on?; It’s Bob from the British Broadcasting Corporation - got a minute?; Take five; An interview with Cathy O’Dowd; Music from Robbie Boyd