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The Media Coach Radio Show

Oct 26, 2023

National Mentoring Day; Get yourself some speaker mentoring; A band called The Beatles; The Wrong Rangers; Mind your language; Keep it simple; Four social media tactics; An interview with Chelsey Baker; Music from When Rivers Meet

Oct 19, 2023

A new home for the show; Stop Making Sense; Thelma Shoonmaker honoured; A medal too far; Gathering the evidence; Dealing with bias; Keeping the debate going; An interview with Caroline Stafford; Music from Slim Chance

Oct 12, 2023

The Professional Speakers gather; A coaching offer; Mark Kermode rants; Easy doesn’t do it; Seven ways to speak better; I’ve been misquoted; Speed, Structure, Mood; An interview with Ian Cleverdon; Music from The Huers

Oct 5, 2023

Some time at Oktoberfest; An exceptional speaking day; Judy Collins; The Wrong Trousers; Don’t share myths; Be in the news flow; Plough your own furrow; An interview with Martin Parnell; Music from Slim Chance