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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jan 27, 2022

Run your age; Selling CDs; Exceptional Speaking; A tribute to Barry Cryer; Aliens love The Queen; Do you love your topic?; Fork collector monthly; Take it up a notch; An interview with Jackie Barrie; Music from Jesse Butterworth

Jan 20, 2022

My family tree; Boris Johnson’s week ; Exceptional Speaker Academy; Wordle; Not a swan; 7 Deadly Speaking Assumptions; It’s all new to someone; What to post, where to post it; An interview with, and music from, Jesse Butterworth

Jan 13, 2022

Some confused people; They think it’s all over; Ronnie Spector; Mafia on the Street; A lucky bag of speaking tips; Hold the Line; The old variety show; An interview with and music from, Inasens

Jan 6, 2022

Welcome to 2022; Speaker coaching; Richard Leakey; Novak with nowhere to go; Did you really mean that?; Inspired by true events; Go narrow, go deep; An interview with Bev Bevan; Music from Quill