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The Media Coach Radio Show

Sep 29, 2016

No sparks in the USA; A year-long speaker coaching offer; Tube chat; Ryder Cup Madness; Everything is important; The sound of silence; Unexpected objective in the tagging area; An interview with Carol Spiers; Music from Rob Corcoran

Sep 22, 2016

No to politics; Do you know about reputation?; Exceptional Speaking; LibDem humour; Duncan Carswell and the sun; Are you funny enough?; Anything you’d like to add?: Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate; An interview with Nick Bradley; Music from the Mona Lisa Twins

Sep 15, 2016

The BBC makes its own news; Well done Diego!; Exceptional Speaking; Stef Reid; Kayak capers; Hands across the world; Paint a portrait of the future; Twitteractive; An interview with Tanni Grey-Thompson; Music from Mick Terry

Sep 11, 2016

Back to school; Stef in Rio; Exceptional Speaking; Richard Neville; Anne Coulter; Gigging around; Due Diligence; Think before you film; An interview with Dr Josh Packard; Music from...

Sep 1, 2016

Exceptional speaking; Being in Bruges; Jimmy Kimmel; Kanye West; A speaking hat-trick; Brewery towers and blogs; Finding your Zot; An interview with Zac Lupertin; Music from The...