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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jul 11, 2019

It’s all a bit sporty; What are the best plays?; Johanna Konta; Apple listens in; Are you a second-hand speaker?; The ego has landed; Medium or Message?; An interview with Paul Connew; Music from the 1957 tail-fin fiasco.

Jul 4, 2019

Mobile music on tape; Asparagus divining; Crying for Sigrid; Wet phones; Four pieces of rhetoric; The Killer Phrase; Three social media business myths; An interview with Jeanne Robertson; Music from Simon Stanley Ward

Jun 27, 2019

Major League Baseball in London; Kenny Harris; A Regency Dandy; Facebook faux-pas; On the button; How to understand journalists; Show and Tell; An interview with David Crystal; Music from Slim Chance

Jun 20, 2019

Inspiration from Stanley Kubrick; Living the story; Taylor Swift; Where’s the cat?; Pendants unite!; Be surprising not surprised; A casual glance; An interview with Lou Heckler; Music from The Lost Hollow Band

Jun 13, 2019

Rod Stewart; Bob Harris; Jon Stewart; A tree dies in Washington; Pitch your product well; Why? Why? Why?; RSVP every time; An interview with Tim Drake; Music from Mick Terry