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The Media Coach Radio Show

Mar 10, 2011

Hints and tips for media appearances, speaking and social media. This week; PR in exchange for coffee; Global Speakers Summit; Twitrelief; A grave affair; Slow and Simple; Being Controversial; Where’s my Tweet?; An interview with Paul du Toit; Music from Kynk

almost thirteen years ago

Like it or not, multi-tasking could possibly be the name belonging in the direction of the movement photo game these days. should you need to acquire that superman or superwoman that all the self-help gurus say you can be, then you've obtained an extraordinary offer to do. so make just about every moment in time count! all through your lunch hour you can not just choose out some shoes for the huge day up true religion sale coming week, but moreover spend some bills, approach your weekend, AND create for the grandma and nonetheless be punctually using the afternoon meeting.