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The Media Coach Radio Show

Dec 22, 2022

Meeting people; Look after yourself; Reman Ahmed; Jeremy Clarkson; Three speaking myths; All I want for Christmas; Conning with social media; Interviews with and music from Chris Amoo and Robby Johnson

Dec 15, 2022

Birthday Boy; Secret Cocktail Bars; Speaker Coaching; Mick Lynch; Golden Syrup; Where’s the Connection; I ran out of time; Go your own way; An interview with Felix Finkbeiner; Music from The Spirit of Kinky Machine

Dec 8, 2022

Winter in the Summer?; Harry and Meghan; Speaker Coaching; Apple Repairs; Dyson and Darth; Synecdoche; Who do you speak to?; You don’t have to stay friends; An interview with Tristan Gooley; Music from Tom Cridland

Dec 1, 2022

It’s Whamageddon; Buy a gig ticket; Speaker coaching; Christine Perfect; Heston Blumenthal; Don’t be a tease; Your first media encounter; Mind your language; An interview with and music from, Iain Matthews

Nov 24, 2022

A set of online courses; Jack Grealish’s celebration, speaker coaching, Wilko Johnson; Giani Infantino; Instead of the handout; Ten media commandments (Part 2); 16 years of Twitter myths; An interview with and music from Tom Cridland