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The Media Coach Radio Show

Dec 30, 2021

The best of 2021; A free Kindle book for you; Jackie Weaver; Mind your background; Be a chat show host; Attenborough magic; Smart messaging; Speaker Coaching; An interview with Charlie Gracie; Music from When Rivers Meet

Dec 16, 2021

Happy Christmas; Speaker Coaching; Remote teaching; Copycat gin?; Stage Presents; Ho, Ho, Ho; A social media Santa; An interview with, and music from, Michael Armstrong

Dec 9, 2021

How to be nice to social media pals; Speaker coaching; Robbie Shakespeare; Vishal Garg; 7 behaviours that can ruin your speech; Have I got News for You?; Which one is you?; An interview with, and music from, Steve Steinman

Dec 2, 2021

Curry but no rugby; Speaker Coaching; No more fur; Not herding cats; Simply does it; What does a reporter really want?: Stand-up social media; An interview with and music from, Ebony Buckle

Nov 25, 2021

Boris is confused; The Celebrities are back; Peter Jackson gets back; Matt Doran forgets; What makes a speech vulnerableā€; Bridge over troubled water; That was years ago!; An interview with David Berkeley; Music from Son of Town Hall