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The Media Coach Radio Show

Aug 28, 2008

Hints and tips for media appearances and public speaking. This week; Video Blogging; Check the Schedules; Bank Passwords; Steve McClaren goes Dutch; Anaphora; Inspired by True Events; Test Early, Test Often; An Interview with Rock Star Agent, David Fishof

Anthony Day
over fifteen years ago

Hello Alan
Enjoyed your podcast though I thought it was a bit rushed this week. The point about piggy-backing on TV shows sounded interesting, but exactly how would you go about it? More info, please.
Sorry you\'ve been struggling with Vista. After all the bad publicity I avoided it by going out and buying an Apple. So did Terry Brock. I understand. Total integration with the iPhone 3G completes a very powerful package!

Alan Stevens
over fifteen years ago


Thanks for your feedback. I accept the \"rushed\" point, since I was in a hurry last Thursday, but I never miss a deadline. You can piggy-back on TV shows by finding an element of common ground between your business and an on-air item. Then you blog about it, write articles and tell the press. Because it\'s timely, it gets picked up.

Thanks for the tip about Apple - it may well be the answer.