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The Media Coach Radio Show

Oct 8, 2010

Hints and tips for media appearances, speaking and social media. This week; Masterminds and awards; Sir Norman Wisdom; A knee in the groin; Notes or no notes?; Getting into print; Change your thinking; An interview with Robert Benniga; Music from Ainsley Diaz Stevens.

camera reviews
thirteen and a half years ago

I noticed that the vast majority, if not all, with the african-american students at my school commencement wore a particular type of stole. I did a some of study and found out that its known as a Kente stole. Nevertheless, I used to be questioning if any you knew the historical background and objective in the stole? Also, do graduates purchase the stole for on their own or is it granted by the Office of Minority Student Affairs? I used to be puzzled as towards the history, objective, and distribution from the stole mainly because I observed from my friend's current 2010 commencement, that just about everybody also had on the similar Kente stole, such as non-minority professors and college students. Can anyone inform me extra concerning the Kente stole?