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The Media Coach Radio Show

Feb 19, 2010

Hints and tips for media appearances, speaking and social media. This week; Estonia; The Big Event; A Firm to Follow; Smokey Robinson; Who is Bill Shankly?; Smokey and Keith's Secret; Who Are you?; Why Twitter is like Jazz; An interview with the Business GP, Marc Lawn; Music from Tiger Lilly

Shallie Bey
over thirteen years ago

This was my first time listening to your show. A follower on Twitter thought I would like your discussion on why Twitter is like jazz. She was certainly right.

I loved your five points comparing twitter to jazz. I particularly liked the point about having a theme. That seems to have worked well for me over the past year. As long as I relate various posts to my central theme, people seem to remain interested. Thanks for helping me understand what I have been doing subconsciously.

Shallie Bey
Smarter Small Business Blog