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The Media Coach Radio Show

Jun 27, 2024

Tennis at Queen’s Club; Already voted!; An offer for speaker coaching; Well done Dave Grohl; Oh dear Adobe; Playing as a team; Take the initiative; Go the distance; An interview with Andrea Pacini; Music from Rob Corcoran

Jun 20, 2024

Tennis at Queen’s Club; An offer for speaker coaching; A remarkable tour; A silly candidate; Something in common; Three escape routes; Mind your manners; An interview with Dr Elmar Jung; Music from Marie Hopkinson

Jun 13, 2024

Don’t get hacked; An exceptional day; A tribute to Francoise Hardy; Rishi gets it wrong; Do you know your audience?;  Answer the question; Three strikes and out; An interview with Andy Lopata; Music from Iain Matthews

Jun 6, 2024

D-Day remembered; The Exceptional Speaker Masterclass; Speaker Coaching; The King’s Speech; A dodgy waterfall; How to be Churchillian; Relax at home; Pret a Post; An interview with Ian Wills; Music from Wills and the Willing