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The Media Coach Radio Show

Dec 26, 2013

Special end-of-year edition with MediaMaster an MediaMug of the Year, plus exactly the right music from Out of the Rain.

Dec 19, 2013

Happy Christmas; Your nominations please; Peter O’Toole; British Airways; It’s not just a speech; Why?, Why?, Why?; RSVP every time; An interview with Bob Mills; Music from Out of the Rain

Dec 12, 2013

The Global Speakers Summit; Two awards; I expect you to dine; Cory Keenan; Print me a pizza; The role of the MC; Three keys of core messages; Tell me what you really like; An interview with Heather Waring; Music from Geoff Gibbons.

Dec 6, 2013

Off to Vancouver; A proud Clydesider; Tom Daley speaks out; Boris Johnson on IQ; To what do you refer?; Come out with your hands up; Is your business really social?; An interview with Adam Shaw; Music from Kate McRae

Nov 28, 2013

Reality shows keep going; Is Wales really sexy?; A Professional passes on; A daft burglar; Play from the baseline; Life’s a pitch; Digging deep in Twitter; An interview with Carl Leighton-Pope; Music from Lisbee Stainton